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COVID information

Published: 24/09/2020

1. My child has runny nose, cough and fever - what should I do?

If there are no other severe symptoms present, stay at home with child and follow common viral infection treatment guidelines ( rest, hydration, vitmanis, inhalation, nose cleaning ). If you do not see an inprovement in 3 days time, call us.

2. My child came into contact with a COVID-19 positive student at school.

If it was an epidemiologically significant contact, the hygiene department will recommend that your child is tested. If this happens, give us a call and we will issue an elektronic request which will be submitted into the system. Testting should take place 4-5 days after contact

3. My child was tested and result was negative: Are we till required to quarantine?

Yes, the illness can sometimes emerge after the test was done, which is why quaratine is required.

4. My child tested positive and was required to quarantine. What happens next?

If there are no symptoms present on the 10th day of quarantine period will end and your child can resume social contact without the need to retest.

5. I am to be tested - how can I obtain a request and to which testing center?

The request form will be issued by a physician and electronically recorded into the system. You may be testes at any of the testing centers on the list of MZČR.

6. Can I be tested without a request form?

Yes, you can. However, if it is not a required test ( eg. due to the travel abroad), you will pay for your test on the day you are tested.

7. Can I make an appointment for my test?

At some locations yes, please refer to the list.

8. How will I find out my test results?

Within 48 hours of your test, you will receive electronic notification of your results directly from the lab.