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Ear piercing with acupuncture

Our clinic offers Medical Ear Piercing with searching acupuncture points. We using Blomdahl set, medical ear piercing.


The first step is examination of the acupuncture points on the child’s ears. This will ensure that the earring will not be inserted into an active acupuncture point. After the activity of acupuncture points is ruled out, the nurse inserts the earrings in child’s ear lobes using a sterile cartridge (BLOMDAL Medical Ear Piercing set). Earrings are made of silver-coated titanium with a zircon. It is recommended not to swim in public swimming pools for one to two weeks. After 6 weeks the earrings may be replaced by the permanent ones. Before the ear piercing the child has to have received at least two doses on vaccination against tetanus (Infanrix, Infanrix Hexa, Infanrix Hib, Hexacima).


The overall cost for the ear piercing, including the pair of earrings, evaluation of the acupuncture points, and the ear piercing itself, is 1500,- CZK.


To make appointment please call 244 403 114 or  724 300 307 during the office hours.