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Poliklinika Soukalova 3/3355
143 00 Praha 12 – Modřany
(entrance from street K Vltavě)

(+420) 244 403 114
Appoint. during office hours
(+420) 724 300 307
Emergency service


Office Hours

  • Monday 8:30-12:30
  • Tuesday 13:00-18:00
  • Wednesday 15:00-19:00
  • Thursday 8:30-13:30
  • Friday 8:30-12:30
  • Saturday no office hours
  • Sunday no office hours
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  • Our pediatric office provides children with highly individualized health care.
  • Our pediatric team is experienced and stable. Telephone consultations are available also during after-office-hours.
  • A telephone consultation may save you the need to go to see a doctor, or to go to a hospital for examination. On the other hand, in case of alarming symptoms we can quickly recommend you an emergency medical help.
  • We offer time appointments so that to minimize your waiting and contact among ill children coming to our office, if possible regarding the current capabilities.
  • We speak Czech and English.

Annual membership fees are collected to cover the services, that are not covered by the public health insurance. The amount of the annual membership fee depends on the child´s age. According to our experience the younger children require higher time allotment.